Amelie Atelier is closed due to ongoing health issues. If you are interested in any product that is showing as available please get in touch via email or message +61 400 296 356


Amelie Atelier is based in Australia and uses the Australian/UK sizing system measured from the centre-back of the band.

If you are purchasing a ring for someone and you don’t know their ring size or you are unsure of your own ring size or you’re either smaller, larger or a half size in between the available sizes, select ‘Unsure’ when ordering. Please do not just have a guess as every ring is custom made to order and some are impossible to resize without damaging the unique textures. We advise against measuring your finger circumference with string or paper as this is unreliable.

When you select ‘Unsure’ we will contact you about your options ie. We can post you a sizing band to check your size or we can arrange for a jeweller in your area to size your finger in their store.

When purchasing covertly for a friend or partner we advise secretly borrowing an existing ring from them and finding a nice snug fit on any of your own fingers, you can then use the sizing band we send you to check what that size is. Even if the ring borrowed from them is worn on a different hand or finger to that which you are purchasing it for, confirming one of their ring sizes will help us more accurately estimate their other ring size.

Selecting ‘Unsure’ will select the price at the lowest available for that design, please note there may be an additional cost for a larger sized ring, the difference in price will be invoiced once confirmed.

 Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding sizing.